August 1, 2020update
The application for the 2021 scholarship program starts accepting. NEW
July 1, 2020update
The new homepage is released.
June 17, 2020update
In the board of trustees, the 2019 financial statements was accepted and the directors, auditors and councilors were newly appointed.
May 20, 2020update
In the board meeting, the 2019 activity reporting was accepted and the member of the selection committee were newly appointed.
March 27, 2020update
Three Indonesian students and two Japanese students were officially selected for the 2020 scholarship program.


INPEX SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION was founded as a non-profit organization in Japan on March 26, 1981 donation by then Indonesia Petroleum, Ltd. (now INPEX CORPORATION). It was set up in commemoration of the 15th Anniversary of the company in order to promote mutual understanding, friendship and goodwill between Indonesia and Japan through an exchange of students by means of scholarship awards.

We offer scholarships to promising Indonesia students who wish to pursue a master degree from a university in Japan and Japanese students wishing to study at a university in Indonesia.

General Information

Date of Foundation March 26, 1981
Address 34th floor, Akasaka Biz Tower, Akasaka 5-3-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Donated Fund Jp¥861,742,900
President Director Naoki Kuroda


We select our Indonesian Scholarship Students from applicants while they are still residing in Indonesia. Many other Japanese scholarship foundations, conversely, choose their students from the applicants who are already living or studying in Japan.
We ask national research centers such as LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) and the main universities to distribute our “ANNOUNCEMENT OF SCHOLARSHIPS FOR 2021” and “APPLICATION FORM FOR SCHOLARSHIPS” and to encourage qualified youths to apply for our scholarships.

Our Foundation assists a successful Indonesian candidate to obtain a student visa while he/she is still in Indonesia, and assists to secure lodgings when he/she arrives in Japan.
Our Scholarship covers a fixed monthly amount for living expenses, commuting pass to and from the place of study, and admission and tuition expenses for Japanese language schools and Japanese universities.
Foreign students probably know that an increasing number of graduate schools in Japan are providing classes in English language, however, the importance of studying Japanese language should not be ignored. Therefore our Foundation encourages and supports Indonesian students to study Japanese language.

For Japanese Scholarship Students, our Foundation has, since its inception, consistently assisted the students with their studies exclusively in Indonesia.


Details of the Scholarship Program is given in our “Announcement of Scholarships for 2021” and “Application Form for Scholarships”.
Summary is as follows:

For Indonesian Scholarship Students

Requirement for Application Indonesian national, living in Indonesia/ age less than 30/ 16 or more years of school education/ have a SARJANA Degree in natural science from a prestigious Indonesian university with GPA 3.0 or more/ aiming to study and research natural science in a master’s program of university in Japan.
Number of Scholarship Students maximum Three(3).
Scholarship to be paid by Foundation – All school expenses to be paid to the university in Japan (entrance examination fee/ entrance fee/ tuition fee/ etc.).
– Monthly award Yen.160,000.-
– Commuter pass expenses in Japan.
– Air ticket (Jakarta-Tokyo round trip, economy class), one time only.
Duration of Award payment maximum 2 years 8 months.

For Japanese Scholarship Students

Requirement for Application Japanese national/ age less than 35/ have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in a prestigious university in Japan/ aiming to study and research culture, art, social science or natural science in Indonesia.
Number of Scholarship Students maximum Two(2).
Scholarship to be paid by Foundation – Monthly award Yen100,000.-
– Air ticket (Tokyo-Jakarta round trip, economy class), one time only.
Duration of Award payment maximum 2 years.

Guidelines & Applicantion Form

Schedule for Accepting Scholarship Students

Schedule for  Accepting Scholarship Students Schedule for  Accepting Scholarship Students